Goodnik Code of Conduct 1.0

The following code represents our commitment to doing business ethically. It is also meant to serve as a model code for other technology companies that wish to do the same. Those who want to use this code, in whole or in part, must comply with the Creative Commons licensing terms at the bottom of the page.

TL;DR – We promise to be good. We will treat people equally and fairly, will seek diversity, and will not discriminate. We will provide a safe workplace for our workers and seek business partners who do the same. We will donate to charitable causes. We will not engage in corrupt practices, or support corrupt systems. We will care for the environment, and minimize our impact on it. We will respect the human rights of our employees, customers and partners, and be transparent about our policies. We will protect data and anonymity, and notify users if their data has been shared or compromised. We will respect the intellectual property of others. And every year we will tell you how we’re doing these things, and seek to improve the next year.

The Goodnik Code of Conduct

Goodnik (“the company”) endeavors to conduct all aspects of its business in an economically, environmentally and socially responsible manner as defined by the following principles:

1. Economic

a. Management Systems and Transparency: We are committed to managing our business with a triple bottom line mentality balancing economic, environmental and social considerations. The duty of company management shall be to make money for the stakeholders, but not at the expense of the environment, human rights, public health, and safety, dignity of employees, and the welfare of the communities in which the company operates.

i. The company will integrate an explicit social impact and environmental stewardship commitment into its written corporate mission. We will implement a process to review and report on the triple bottom line performance annually.

b. Philanthropy: We recognize our responsibility to be active participants in our local communities. As such, we will put in place a program to provide charitable contributions to socially responsible and charitable organizations.

i. The company will encourage employees to volunteer with socially responsible organizations causes by allowing a certain percentage, not less than one percent, of time-off for those activities.
ii. The company will commit to donations of a certain percentage, not less than one percent, of their net revenue, product, equity and/or employee time to charitable organizations and will strive to increase those donations over time.

c. Anti-Corruption: All business decisions shall be made solely in the best interest of the company, and not for personal benefit. The company shall maintain effective financial controls, implement a whistle-blowing policy and avoid any actions that create, or appear to create, conflicts of interest with the company.

i. We will put in place an effective financial control system and whistle-blowing policy, and require conflict of interest questionnaires be completed by top management/board members annually.

2. Environmental

a. Environmental Management: We recognize our responsibility to ensure the long-term health of the earth now and for future generations. As such, we shall support a precautionary approach to environmental challenges, undertake initiatives to promote greater responsibility; and encourage the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies.

i. The company will have a policy statement documenting the organization’s commitment to the environment, annual assessment of the organization’s environmental impact, stated objectives and targets, programmed to achieve these targets, periodic compliance and auditing to evaluate programs conducted.

b. Criteria for Measuring Performance: The company shall formally engage with suppliers, business partners and/or customers to reduce the environmental impact of their activities on a regular basis. The company will, to the extent relevant, examine energy consumption, water withdrawal, protection of biodiversity, greenhouse gas emissions, water and waste discharge, environmental impact of products and services, compliance with environmental laws and regulations and significant environmental impacts of transporting goods/materials and members of the workforce.

i. The company will measure the above criteria and publish a progress report on an annual basis. The company shall work to reduce environmental impact 10% or more per year.
ii. Whenever possible, products will be sourced locally from businesses that are certified as committed to social responsibility.

c. Product Sustainability: Any products manufactured by the company shall use a whole-systems approach and continually strive to make the most sustainable product possible including overall design, materials, production processes, distribution, product maintenance as well as end of product life strategies.

i. The company shall conduct a life-cycle assessment or analysis (LCA) of any manufactured product.

3. Social

a. Fair Wages and Compensation: The company shall pay its eligible employees an amount that is at least a living wage according to local standards. In addition, no executive of the company shall receive a cash salary (including benefits and bonuses) in excess of 20 times the average total compensation paid to the lowest paid full-time employee.
       i. The company should conduct an annual analysis of salaries and contractor pay. Higher ratings for companies that have reduced salary gaps.

b. Fair Treatment and Equal Benefits: We believe that everyone, without discrimination, is entitled to equal pay for work of equal value without distinction made on the basis of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, political opinion, nationality, social origin or disability. As such, domestic partners (whether same sex or opposite sex) employed by the company shall be eligible to receive benefits under the company’s benefit policies and programs to the same extent employee spouses are eligible to receive benefits under such policies and programs.

i. The company shall conduct an annual analysis of employee wages, benefits, family leave, promotions and termination to determine whether any distinction were made based on the above. The company should fully remediate any violations/discrepancies found.
ii. The company will seek diversity in hiring and equality in pay, and should have in place policies on blind resume review, diversity in interviewing, and non-discriminatory recruiting practices or language in job postings.
iii. The company should have a reporting process in place that does not require employees to report violations in a way that would compromise their place or relationships in the company.

c. Occupational Health & Safety: The company shall provide adequate protection for the life and health of workers in all occupations.

i. The company shall have policies in place for health coverage, family leave, disability, mental health, partner benefits, sick leave, and harassment, and shall make those policies publicly available to employees and job applicants.
ii. In case of repeat injuries in the workplace, the company will put in place a joint management-worker safety committee, track rates of injury and lost days due to incidents/diseases and provide education to employees.

d. Human Rights: Our business practices shall, in all aspects of their business, support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights understood, at a minimum, as those expressed in the International Bill of Human Rights and the principles concerning the fundamental rights set out in the International Labour Organization’s Declaration on the Fundamental Principles and Rights of Work. The company shall address adverse human rights impacts with which they are involved by taking adequate measures for their prevention, mitigation and, where appropriate, remediation. This includes humane management of working conditions in the supply chain which entails upholding the freedom of association and the effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining, the elimination of all forms of forced and compulsory labor, and the effective abolition of child labor and the elimination of discrimination in respect of employment and occupation.

i. In order to meet our responsibility to respect human rights, we will put in place policies and processes appropriate to their size and circumstances, including: a policy commitment to meeting our responsibility to respect human rights; a human rights due-diligence process to identify, prevent, mitigate and account for how we address our impacts on human rights; and processes to enable the remediation of any adverse human rights impacts they cause or which they contribute. Where applicable, the company will require vendors to measure incidents of child labor, forced labor, discrimination and violations of Freedom of Association, # of impact assessments and # of grievances filed, addressed and resolved) and require vendors to do the same.

e. Intellectual Property: The company respects the intellectual property of others, and not infringe on those rights.

i. If the company uses open-source code, or Creative Commons licensed content, we will follow the requirements of the license and will attribute the work.
ii. The intellectual property of the customers is theirs, and the company shall not use that intellectual property for advertising, shall not share it with 3rd parties, or in any way not explicitly agreed to by the customer.
iii. The company will not inhibit the customer’s access to their own intellectual property, and the customer shall always have the right to withdraw their agreement for its use, or remove their intellectual property from the site completely.
iv. The company will not abuse its own copyright or trademark rights, and shall not issue take-down notices or cease-and-desist letters except in case of commercial abuse. The company shall have fair, plain-language licensing agreements available for intellectual property that muat be protected.

4. Product and Service Responsibility

a. The company shall ensure that the product and/or service provided supports consumer’s human rights, protects customer privacy, health and safety, provides accurate notice, labeling and marketing/communications, and complies with applicable laws and regulations. The company shall have in place a policy regarding the usage of its products and services that recognizes and respects the consumers right to privacy, anonymity, security of information, mobility of information, freedom of association and expression, and due process before removing the user from the service.
b. The company shall not deny or revoke use of the product or service without sufficient notice and due process.
c. The company shall adopt industry standard security and privacy standards, such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, ISO 27001, or the FTC Privacy Guidelines of 2012, to protect its customer’s information and data from unauthorized access, and shall publish the standards to which they conform.
d. The company shall remove all data related to the consumer’s use of the product or service at the request of the user. Prior to removal, the user will be given the opportunity to retrieve any content they may have contributed to the product or service.
e. The company shall not interfere with the consumer’s right to free speech, nor their right to association.
f. The company shall have a clearly stated free speech policy that respects users’ rights to free expression and political discourse, and which also covers issues related to hate speech, threats, harassment, bullying, cyberstalking, release of personal information/data (i.e. doxing, swatting, “revenge porn”), extortion, or public shaming. The company shall also detail it’s policy with regard to local laws of the jurisdictions it operates in, and its reporting policy to local law enforcement.
g. The company shall not deny access to the product or service on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, national origin, familial status, age, gender, religion, sexual orientation, nor discriminate on these bases in its marketing material or communications.
h. The company shall only reveal a user’s private data to an authorized government agency, or to a third party in a lawsuit, in compliance with a court-issued warrant or subpoena. The company shall notify the user that data has been shared with a third party whenever doing so would not violate any law, and shall report regularly whatever data it can on government requests.
i. In the case of a security problem, data breach or unintentional release of user information, the company shall promptly notify potentially affected customers of the problem, and offer instructions to users about how to protect their information. The company shall remedy any errors in practice or policy that led to the security issue as soon as possible.
j. The company shall, on a user’s request, delete or destroy all data or documents related to that user to the extent possible without interfering with the data of others.
k. The company will have in place provisions for the consumer’s information upon its sale, dissolution, or substantial change in policy, including reasonable notification, option for destruction or export of user information.

i. The company shall provide access to its product for a reasonable period after its dissolution through open access plans and tools.


  • No Patent Trolls: We will not use our patents offensively, and shall endeavor to work with others who want to make use of our patents in a fair way, in the spirit of cooperation.
  • Open Source: We will license our code or content under an open source or Creative Commons license whenever possible.
  • No Data Sales: The company will not sell user data to 3rd parties under any circumstances.
  • No DRM: The company will not use any kind of digital rights management in its own software or content. When use of DRM is required by third parties, the company will not pursue cases against those who remove the DRM for lawful purposes.
  • Anonymous Data: For any data used internally or shared externally in any way, we will meet or exceed industry standards for anonymizing that data. We will not allow employees or anyone outside the company to access identifiable user records unless absolutely necessary.
  • Wage Fairness: Our top-paid employee shall not be paid a salary in excess of 17 times that of the lowest paid employee.
  • Philanthropy: We will donate at least 1% of our profits, equity, and product to charitable causes, and we will recognize and support employee donations of time or money to causes.


The company shall amend its by-laws, mission statement, employee manual, training manuals, or other corporate documents to reflect this commitment to social responsibility.

The comany shall report on major points within the code annually, and shall keep records for at least five years of previous reports.

Certification by Goodnik may be optionally completed through independent audit of the company’s implementation of this code, and submission to bi-annual review of reports.

certified goodnik certification mark


This code is licensed under Creative Commons, and you may use it and modify it to suit your company’s needs. The code may be used by companies as a model corporate social responsibility code in a commercial setting, provided any modifications to the code are also distributed under the same Creative Commons licensing terms. The code cannot, in whole or in part, be used commercially as part of a social responsibility compliance or certification program without explicit permission from Goodnik. Parties using this code without modification, with or without the optional provisions, may request to use the “Certified Goodnik” mark. Parties that modify the code may not use the term “Certified Goodnik” but must attribute the the source  with the phrase “This code of conduct is based on the Goodnik Code of Conduct 1.0″

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