Getting Started With Goodnik & Using Goodnikels

First, a little about Goodnik; the whole idea behind this system is that it’s a way for social entrepreneurs like yourself to recruit professionals to work on projects for your organization. You then pay those professionals with a time-based alternative currency called goodnikels (or just gnikels for short). Each goodnikel is worth 1/10th of an hour of professional services, so 10 goodnikels = 1 hour, 100 goodnikels = 10 hours, etc.

Here’s what you need to do to get started;

1)      Create a personal account

  • Go to and click “sign up”
  • Enter your email address and password that you’d like to use
  • Enter a coupon code if you have one to receive your initial grant. If you need a grant, visit
  • Fill out the details of your Bio & Interests including name, linkedin profile URL and your skills and interests (aka causes you support) – this will be used to pair you with the right people and projects in the future. You must choose at least one skill and one interest.
  • It is particularly important that you add a profile picture – this will people identify you and is critical for matching you with the right people
  • Fill our your bio – just a short description of who you are, how you got involved in the work you do, or what you plan on doing in the future.
  • Check your email preferences at the bottom – you have the option to be notified when a project is added that is in need of a skill you have, and you can limit that to just projects that are in support of a cause you support or comes from a community you’re a member of. Or you can turn off notifications completely.

2)      Company & Community Affiliations

  • You’ll next be taken to the Company & Communities page of your profile.
  • First fill out details about where you work under Current Job. Search the list by typing the first few characters of the company name and then choose from the drop-down list. If you don’t see your company, click “Add a new company” to create the company profile
  • To create a company profile, fill out the company name, company type (for profit, non profit, etc) and include the URL of the company, the logo and a brief description of the company. The description you write here will appear on every project associated with this company, so be detailed and accurate!
  • Next choose your Community Affiliations – these are groups that you’re a part of, which could be anything from a coworking space to an alumni group, meetup group or other affinity group. Again type the first few letters of the community in the search box and pick the community to add to your profile. If the group you are a part of is not yet listed, create a listing for that group by clicking “Add a new community.” You can have as many community affiliations as you like, and you can add or remove them any time by editing your profile.
  • Remember to click “Save and Continue”
  • You’re done creating a profile, congratulations! Now get to work!

3)      Post a project

  • Click “Add Project” in the drop down under your name
  • Fill out project details, such as what skill you need, how many hours you estimate the project will take, and what the “mission” of the organization is (i.e. poverty, education, environment, etc). Be as detailed as possible in your project description – and really sell it! This will attract more applicants to your project.
  • Do NOT include a description of your company/organization – this will be added to the listing automatically from the description you entered in the Company Profile
  • Make sure you set the expiration date to at least 30 days in the future or later, and the “due date” at some point after that (two weeks is typical).
  • If you don’t know how many hours your project will take, your first project should be to “scope” your project. Enter details about what you think you are going to do and set the required skill to “project consultation” and the time to one hour. We will find you a project manager who can help you better define your needs and properly estimate the time.
  • That’s it! Your project will now be posted on the front page of Goodnikels, and people will be able to apply to work on your project.

4)      Promote, Recruit and Do Work

  • The first thing you should do after posting a project is recruit folks to help you – send an email with a link to the listing and tell people you just posted a project on that needs their help. Here’s some sample text you might use;
  • “Hi! I just posted a project on that could use some help. It’s a web development project that supports my organization’s work in human rights, and we’re looking for developers who can support us by working on the project for about 10 hours. As a reward, the developer who helps us will receive 100 Goodnikels that they can spend to support their own projects, or that they can donate to another organization. Check out all the details at If you can help, sign up. If you know someone who might be able to help, forward this email to them. Thanks!”
  • Once you’ve promoted your project, you can also try to “recruit” people on to work with you. Click the “People” tab at the top to look at some profiles, and filter those profiles by skill, cause or community. If you find someone that you think might be a fit, click the “Recruit” button under their picture. Note that you must be logged in and have a project posted to see the “Recruit” button.
  • Finally, while you’re waiting to find some to help you, go out and help someone else! Look through the projects and find something that you can work on. You’ll earn more goodnikels to use for future projects and you’ll also earn reputation “badges” that show people you’re a true goodnik, which will encourage them to work with you in the future.

Any questions or problems? Send a note to